Avoid messing up big time, and learn...

DIY Beginner Bookkeeping for Horse Businesses

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afraid of the irs?

Do you wonder if the IRS will show up at your door because you're never sure you've kept your books right? Time to get it right so you can stop worrying.

Tired of wasting time?

Do you spend hours trying to figure out how to get the books done, and still aren't confident they are done correctly? You can finally be confident in your books!

Losing sleep at night?

Are you losing out on valuable sleep because you don't know what your numbers mean, much less if they're accurate? Start getting good sleep now!

Meet THE Instructor

Kristina Vaughn

Kristina is the owner and head bookkeeper of Legit Ledgers, LLC and a proud horse-mom of five! This combined with a Master's of Accounting and Financial Management makes her both an industry expert and cohort of your everyday challenges!

What You Get

Set Up for Success

  • Correct QBO setup

  • Less manual data entry

  • Optimize your accounts

Maintain without Pain

  • Checklist for monthly bookkeeping

  • Tricks of the trade

  • What NOT to do

  • Real-Time Course Content Updates

Use don't Snooze

  • Reports to check

  • What they tell you

  • Checklists and Informational Content


Are you doing it wrong? Stop the insanity. Get access to DIY Beginner Bookkeeping for Horse Businesses by clicking the button below:

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